A Familiar... Face?
Chapter 7, Scene 6
Released: 15/05/2012
One Last Scavenge
Act of God?

A Familiar... Face? is the sixth scene of Chapter Seven.


Having left the others in the previous scene, Joe is shown heading along a motorway.

Bernie is also shown following him, trying to convince him to return to the others. Although he tries to reason with Joe, Joe bluntly refuses him.

As the two talk Bernie eventually states that he'll force Joe back if he has to. Despite still being powerless Joe doesn't care, though before things can come to a head a mutant arrives.

The mutant has, unlike most mutants, the ability to talk competently. While approaching the pair it mentions how Bernie resembles his father, and muses on whether Joe will be as amiable as his sister.

The scene then cuts to Phillip still in the building. After considering it he opens the object, and is surprised to find a pair of binoculars in there. Before he can leave however Oscar rushes in and informs him that there are zombies about.


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