Act of God?
Chapter 7, Scene 7
Released: 19/05/2012
A Familiar... Face?
Target Practice

Act of God? is the seventh scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Phillip and Oscar fighting a swarm of zombies, who attacked them the previous scene. As they finish off some they run out of bullets. Fearing the worse Oscar prepares to sacrifice himself to let his son escape, though the zombies are destroyed mentally by Andrius, who is shown with Cross.

The scene then cuts to Joe, Bernie and the mutant (who is revealed to be Samuel in Bug's body). After introducing himself as Samuel, the three agree to go and talk.

They head to an abandoned building, where they learn more about Samuel. It transpires that following Greybane's attack on the Machine City Samuel was forced to take over Bug's body to survive.

Samuel then explains that he and the machines have something of an alliance, though the machines view him more as an asset. He also explains that before he can return to them though he must find his brain (which Greybane took).

Seeing an opportunity Bernie asks whether Samuel could prevent the machines from attacking the colony. Curious, Samuel asks what they're after. When Bernie explains that they're after Joe Samuel is shocked that Joe is "one of the eight".


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