Chapter 7, Scene 26
Released: 21/08/12
Who's Hurting Who?
Coffee Girl

Balance is the twenty-sixth scene of Chapter Seven.


Confronting Rosa, Doc asks her what happened to Dominik. Rosa replies that she merely did what the elder did to Jess. As the two talk Doc explains that Rosa may hold the cure to the zombie virus, which could lead to mankind's recovery.

At this comment Dominik sneers. The elder explains that as it stands the monsters are in a deadly balance, each of the zombies, plant monsters, machines, mutants and vampires holding each other back from dominating the planet. Dominik goes on to say that mankind is right at the bottom of the food chain.

At this Rosa spears Dominik. She then suggests that they head to New Hammerston, leaving Dominik to suffer. Doc rather cautiously agrees. As Rosa leaves Dominik speaks to her mentally, talking of how the people will reject her and she'll be left to return to him.


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