Gender Male
Race Human
Status Unknown
First Appearance Terry Berry

Ben was a male human. He appears only in a flashback in Terry Berry, where he is shown playing a game of basketball with Jess.


Pre StoryEdit

He appears to have been one of the kids whom Jess and Terry knew growing up. After Jess beats him in a game of basketball he hits her, though is in return hit by Terry.

As this is his only mention in the series to date, it is unknown whether he survived The Pocalypse.

Chapter TwoEdit

Although not actually involved in the scene, he does appear in a flashback during Terry Berry.


He appears to be a standard bully like character, picking on those weaker than him while being relatively weak himself.


Little is known about Ben's relationships. While he knew Terry and Jess, he doesn't appear to have been very close to either.


Ben appears to have been quite weak, crying after Terry hit him.

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