Blood Ties
Chapter 8, Scene 5
Released: 15/11/12
She’s Waiting For Me

Blood Ties is the fifth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with a flashback of Joe letting Rosa drain some of his blood. It then cuts to Victor in his prison, calling to Rosa to release him. Victor mentions how his blood flows through Rosa and how she should release him.

In the real world Rosa battles with Victor's desire. Though it seems as if Victor's prison is weakened, Rosa resists enough in the end and prevents him being released.

Though Bernie is concerned for Rosa she explains she merely had a moment of weakness, and that the virus has successfully been transmitted. She then insits that they go and see Joe.

In the other room they find Joe unconscious. Here Samuel recognises that Rosa was involved in holding back Victor. Doc then arrives and the scene closes with Joe regaining consciousness.


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