Breakfast With Jake
Chapter 8, Scene 3
Released: 23/10/12
Oh... You

Breakfast With Jake is the third scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene begins with Scott being woken up by Jake, who invites him to breakfast. Though Scott is hesistant Jake insists, and the pair go to Mack's.

The scene then cuts to Mack's, where Rusty is asking for "one more" and for it to be put on his tab, though Mack is reluctant. At this moment Jake and Scott arrive. Jake orders two lots of bacon, then after Rusty decides to join them he goes for a third lot.

After this Annika and Nathan arrive. Annika is annoyed at Rusty for failing to get them anything to eat, though Jake quickly offers for the pair to join them.

Finishing the meal Scott makes to leave, demanding that he knows when his trial is to be, when Annika asks him to just sit down. Jake then cuts in and talks about dealing with the hardships of life. Finishing their talk Jake is about to leave with Scott, when he asks Annika about her brothers. Annika replies that her brothers names were Adrian and (after being interrupted by Marie) Joe.


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