Broken Reunion
Chapter 8, Scene 17
Released: 24/06/13
Under Attack

Broken Reunion is the seventeenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Victor strolling through a burning New Hammerston. Looking over an unconscious Bernie and Aaron, he muses what to do with them.

Things then swap to the hospital, where Ludo and Terry are informed of the threat to the colony. Jake then arrives and tries to warn the mayor about Doc, however Ludo ignores him, and suggests that they should instead ally with Doc's monsters. Though reluctant Jake eventually agrees. As Jake leaves Ludo muses over what Bernard Senior would have done.

The scene then cuts to Samuel, who is still dragging Annika along with him. After she agrees to not run off he releases her, and the pair make their way to meet Joe, though Samuel first informs Annika that Joe may not be the same person. Eventually arriving at Victor's whereabouts, Samuel first challenges Victor, who is first pleased to see him there, then reacts oddly when he is told that Annika is there. Upon her arrival Annika confronts Victor, who seems weakened by her denying that she is his sister. Things then swap to the Dream World, where a teary eyed Joe begs Victor to release him. Victor refuses, before returning to the real world, where he spears Annika.


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