Choose Wisely
Chapter 7, Scene 16
Released: 25/06/12
The Hard Way
Joe's Decision?

Choose Wisely is the sixteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene starts where the last scene finished, with Bernie shocked at Samuel's actions. Apologizing Samuel blasts Bernie with a white bolt.

Transferring to the Dream World, Inner Joe is shown shouting about what Samuel's done to him. Joe complains about not feeling to well, while Samuel apologize to him stating that he will feel much worse when he wakes up.

Realizing that he's dying, Inner Joe shouts to be released from his jail. Though Joe is slightly confused, Samuel explains that it's the only way for him to recover his powers. Samuel then explains that if Inner Joe doesn't transfer his powers to Joe, it will lead to his death.

Though Inner Joe at first feels Samuel is bluffing, he eventually agrees to transfer his invulnerability to Joe. As Joe's body fails, Samuel asks for one more power. Though Samuel is once more resilient he at last agrees.

The scene ends with Joe about to pick a second power.


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