Chapter 8, Scene 4
Released: 03/11/12
Breakfast With Jake
Blood Ties

Connected is the fourth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Joe, Samuel, Scrufflebeck, the Plant and three Night Stalkers left in the room. One of the Night Stalkers is insisting that they shoot Samuel and the Plant, though the others are not so sure.

Samuel tries to reason with them (Joe in the meantime dubbing the Plant Gorb) and he seems to persuade Aaron, however one of the other Night Stalkers opens fire, though this does nothing. Aaron stops him, and muses over the fate of the colony.

Meanwhile Bernie has arrived to find an injured Jess, inquiring as to what happened Rosa explains that it was Dominik, though Doc mentions that he's been dealt with. Turning to Smyth it's explained that unless something is done soon, they will die. Considering the options, Bernie agrees to allow Rosa to turn him. After biting him however Rosa takes too long, and seems overcome in the end.

In the other room Joe convulses, Victor seeming to be released by Rosa.


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