Couldn't Save Them
Chapter 7, Scene 30
Released: 04/09/12
Trust. Help.

Couldn't Save Them is the thirtieth scene of Chapter Seven.


Chasing after Bernie, Joe and Samuel discuss the machine's missile. Samuel explains how it would have destroyed all life in the colony, though left the buildings standing. While Samuel is eager to find Bernie, Joe is more reluctant. Still feeling bitter about how he's been treated. Despite this he still needs Samuel's help.

Though Samuel is willing to help him recover his powers, he is wary about letting loose another monster in the world. So he states that he'll only help Joe if Joe uses his powers for the benefit of others.

The scene then cuts to Bernie. Feeling New Hammerston to have been destroyed he leaves his suit and slowly edges forward, grief stricken. As he trails along Scrufflebeck and another Plant Monster arrive. Surprised by this, Bernie is then grabbed by the other Plant Monster.


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