Gender Male
Race Vampire
Status Unknown
First Appearance The Magister – Part Two

Dagan was a Vampire Elder and father of Andrius and Dominik.


Pre StoryEdit

An elder hundreds of years before the story begins, relatively little is known about Dagan.

What is known is that he was Andrius and Dominik's father. He also had a partner (who was executed by humans).

He was shown to have met Samuel and was purportedly against the idea of turning the Magister.

Chapter FiveEdit

Dagan is mentioned by Samuel in The Magister – Part Two.


Although little is known about Dagan he can be assumed to be like all vampires and be quite cruel and hateful. He also seems to have despised humans even more so than most other vampires.


Little is known about Dagan's relationships. Being an elder he would have commanded respect in vampire society. Nothing is known about his relationship with his family.


Being an elder Dagan can be assumed to have been powerful even by vampire standards. It can also be assumed that he has the same strengths and weaknesses as all vampires.

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