Destination: Brookfield
Chapter 8, Scene 10
Released: 20/12/12
Off We Go
Trusting Bernies

Destination: Brookfield is the tenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Oscar and family preparing to leave New Hammerston. Just prior to setting off, Oscar explains how they'll first head north to Brookfield, to gather supplies, before heading to Europe. Though Margaret and Candice are somewhat surprised, they are more excited by the prospect.

As the family sets off the scene cuts to the hold, where Andrius and Cross wait. As the two wait they discuss their grim plans for the future.

Elsewhere Greybane, Karen and Nick are shown saying their farewells to Dwight. Greybane then explains how he intends to take the injured Dragoon back, after taking Karen and Nick to New Hammerston.

The pair both object to this, and after arguing somewhat with Greybane he allows them to come, on the condition they do exactly as he says.


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