Chapter 8, Scene 1
Released: 09/10/12
Not Even Sam Could Do This (summary)
Oh... You

For the group of the same name see Dragoons (group). Dragoons is the first scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with a group of bikers facing two people on foot (one of whom is injured). One of the people on foot (Karen) is talking to the leader of the bikers (Gwenn) who has accused her of stealing. Though Karen swears she never took anything, Gwenn is adamant that she did and insists she and her grandfather face the consequences.

After Gwenn tells her subordinates to take Karen back to the colony and kill her grandfather (Dwight), Karen screams out. At this moment Greybane arrives. Greybane calmy approaches the bikers, explaining that he will look after the two others. Gwenn instructs one of her subordinates to take out Greybane, though he is easily knocked out.

Talking to Greybane, Gwenn explains that she is the leader of the Dragoons, a group protecting the colony of Limeridge. Surprised to hear about the existence of such a colony, Greybane tells Gwenn his name, as well as stating that he is not of any colony.

Though Gwenn threatens to shoot Greybane he is not phased, explaining that it will end worse for her. Backing off somewhat, Gwenn tells Greybane to bring the unconscious biker and his bike to Limeridge within three days, else he'll face the consequences. As she leaves she also fatally shoots Dwight. As Nick arrives Greybane instructs him to take everyone inside.

Inside a house Greybane apologies for failing to stop Gwenn, while Nick addresses the biker's wounds. After introductions Karen talks a little about Limeridge, before Greybane suggests they head off for the night.


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