Escaping Home
Chapter 8, Scene 21
Released: 12/01/14
We Will Need Him
I'm No Hero

Escaping Home is the twenty-first scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Samuel, Aaron and the others unconscious approaching the exist to the colony. Despite being close to freedom the two are undecided on how to get past the final gate. Although Samuel wants to merely knock the guards out, Aaron is less sure. Eventually he gets Samuel to let him go talk to the guards. Although he manages to distract two of the guards, two of them are unsure, and Samuel eventually knocks them out.

Meanwhile, Smyth is shown heading to his former home in Doc's suit.

The scene then cuts to Aaron and Samuel again, who are outside Bernie's. While resting up they are approached by Jake and a group of soldiers. Samuel says that he will hold them off, with Aaron heads inside. As Samuel heads towards Jake he is blasted at close range.

Inside Aaron desperately tries to get into the base, but is unable to.


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