Find What You’re Looking For
Chapter 8, Scene 13
Released: 16/01/13
Stubborn Ass
Good Human, Bad Human

Find What You’re Looking For is the thirteenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Bernie desperately trying to get water for the injured Scrufflebeck, while Doc admires Rosa's knocking out of the soldiers. Though Bernie is shocked that Joe didn't attempt to save his pet, Joe is rather nonplussed (still not remembering anything). At this point Gorb steps in and claims that the Plants will be able to care for Scrufflebeck, though wary Bernie leaves the Plant following Samuel's advice.

Bernie then confronts Rosa over the use of her powers. Though she is defensive Bernie accepts that her actions were necessary. When asked what to do when the soldiers recover, Bernie says that they'll deal with it when the problem arises.

The scene then skips to the group in Doc's laboratory. Where the group discuss their next move. Despite some concerns Bernie is optimistic that Ludo will side with them. While the group talk Joe continues to butt in. Eventually listening to him, Bernie agrees to go and find his sister, Annika.

Meanwhile, in Annika's flat, Nina is playing with Nathan, with Annika supervising. There is then a knock at the door. Going to open it Annika finds Aaron, returned from his mission. Though they have something of an akward moment, Aaron asks Annika and the rest out to lunch. While Annika accepts she does so only on the condition that Scott may come as well, to which Aaron agrees.

Later Rusty is left alone in the house when Bernie and Joe arrive, looking for Annika. After Rusty makes a rather flippant comment about Annika, Joe is irritated. Bernie then explains that Annika may be his sister.


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