Gender Female
Race Vampire
Status Dead
First Appearance Damsel in Distress

Genovera was a vampire and an acolyte of Dominik's. She was killed by Bernie.


Chapter TwoEdit

Genovera is first shown in Damsel in Distress, where she pretends to be a human in need in order to capture Joe, Jake and Terry. Later, following an attempted escape, Genovera approaches the humans though is scared off by Harry upon its arrival.

Later Genovera discovers a weakened Jess dragging Terry's body back to New Hammerston. She initially attacks her, though flees once more upon Bernie's arrival. While fleeing she is shot and killed by Bernie.


Genovera had the standard personality of a vampire. She was cruel and generally apathetic towards humans.


Genovera had no major relationships mentioned, though she was a disciple of Dominik's.


Genovera did not seem to be any more powerful than a normal vampire, despite her connections to Dominik.

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