Gender None
Race Plant
Status Alive
First Appearance Helpless

Glorb is a sentient Plant. Unlike most of its kind, Glorb has a glowing appendage on its back, likely to its namesake, which harbours a form of heightened intelligence including the ability to mentally communicate with others through the use of a vine.


Chapter SevenEdit

Glorb first appears in Helpless, where it is with Scrufflebeck. In the following scenes it appears to aid the humans, helping to prevent a machine missile from hitting New Hammerston.

Later it meets with Bernie. It implants some sort of neurological vine into him, which takes him to a Dream World like place, where it is able to show Bernie that it stopped the machine missile. While here it suggests an alliance between the plants and the humans.

Chapter Nine Edit

Glorb reappears with Rosa, having transformed her into a plant-vampire hybrid and acts as the translator for the other plants helping the colonists.


Glorb has no real personality although its english is rather poor and broken.


Glorb has no relationships in the human sense. It seems to be close to Scrufflebeck and appears alongside Rosa, which appears that its kind has some degree of awareness to a zompire's abilities.


Glorb shows greater intelligence for a plant, able to communicate directly with humans, allowing it to be some form of translator between human and plant kind.

Through the use of its vine-like appendage, It is able to mentally transport humans to a world similar to the Dream World via a special vine and communicate with them in that way. Although it can do this without this direct communications with Rosa, whose mind is linked to the collective.

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