Go, Bernie, Go!
Chapter 7, Scene 28
Released: 29/08/12
Coffee Girl

Go, Bernie, Go! is the twenty-eight scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Joe, Bernie and Samuel on the roof of a building, waiting for the arrival of the machine army. Having been there a while, Samuel asks Bernie (who is on watch) if he wouldn't want him to take his place. Bernie refuses, though Joe goes off to have a sleep.

With Joe asleep Bernie and Samuel talk. Samuel talks about how Bernie is similar to his father, mentioning how Bernard Senior was loath to go to sleep too. Continuing the conversation, Samuel asks Bernie if he misses his dad, as well as if he has any considerations of starting a family of his own. Bernie replies that he hasn't, always seeing himself more as a soldier of the colony.

Bernie then begins to laugh, stating how he finds it amusing to be their talking to a mutant. Samuel replies that it must indeed be odd, and that he'll try to find a more suitable host soon. They also spend some time talking about Victor. Though Bernie feels he would be a great help, Samuel is wary of such a powerful figure.

Before anything else can be said, Bernie spots a group of machines heading their way. At first he is surprised to only count eight, however a larger machine soon arrives. Unsure of what it is Bernie asks Samuel, who responds that it is a mobile manufacturing plant. As the pair watch, the machine fires a missile.

Samuel begins to console Bernie, though the latter springs down from the building and chases after the missile. Joe also wakes up at that moment.


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