God's Punishment
Chapter 7, Scene 1
Released: 20/04/2012
In a Machine's Words (summary)

God's Punishment is the first scene of Chapter Seven.


At Hammerston Harbour a man (Oscar) is shown talking to his son (Phillip) who is fishing. After talking casually the man moves onto talking about god, which seems to irk the boy.

The pair then head inside a building, where Margaret (Oscar's wife) and Luke (Oscar's youngest son) are getting ready to eat. Before eating the family says grace, with the exception of Phillip. Angry at his lack of faith, Oscar argues with him, though Phillip heads off.

Settling back down things seem to have quietened when a call is made that rotters (a term the group use for the undead) have been spotted. Telling his wife to take Luke upstairs, Oscar then tells Phillip to get the guns.

The scene then shows Cross, who informs Andrius that they have reached Hammerston Harbour and that there is a boat there. Pleased Andrius also notes that the humans nearby should provide fine sustenance for their journey.


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