Good Human, Bad Human
Chapter 8, Scene 14
Released: 22/01/13
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Good Human, Bad Human is the fourteenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Doc, Rosa and Samuel in the strange, Plant Dream World, where they discuss the nature of the area. The three talk about the nature of power, with Rosa reaffirming her desire to help aid mankind. The conversation then turns to Samuel, who explains the situation regarding his brain, and the mutant (Greybane) who took it. Though Doc is curious as to whether he'll recover it, Samuel is sure, claiming it always comes back eventually.

The scene then cuts to Greybane, Nick and Karen outside of a warehouse. Here Greybane insist on the two waiting outside, while he goes in to scavenge for supplies. While the two wait the injured Dragoon recovers consciousness and makes off with the groups supplies.

Upon the return of Greybane the three discuss their next plan of action. Greybane eventually decides that it'd be best to head to a nearby port in order to get supplies.


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