Greybane's Story
Chapter 6, Scene 30
Released: 08/04/2012
Mission Start!

Greybane's Story is the thirtieth scene of Chapter Six.


Outside of Geoffrey's room, Greybane explains his background.

Prior to The Pocalypse Greybane was an exceptionally gifted young man. Although human he possesed superior strength and speed. To this end he joined the army, where he met Geoffrey, a geneticist.

Geoffrey promised Greybane that he would use his genes to help improve soldiers, however before he could complete his work there was an outbreak of zombies.

Scrapping his original plans, Geoffrey decided to simply improve two soldiers to counter the mutants, Greybane and Bug. His plans however failed, leading to both Greybane and Bug becoming mutated.

Upon discovering his new status Bug injured Geoffrey and destroyed the laboratory. When Greybane discovered the dying Geoffrey he promised to stop him from dying, to this end he injected him with the zombie virus.

Following the completion of his story Greybane reveals that he has a mission which he needs to complete, suggesting that the others return back to the colony.


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