He’s Fine
Chapter 7, Scene 19
Released: 21/07/12
No Surprise
Join the Dark Side

He’s Fine is the nineteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Jess instructing her team of Night Stalkers to remove a group of zombies outside of a building. Having done so the group proceeds on screen where they are about to enter, when Rosa tells Jess to stop.

Rosa explains that Dominik is inside the building. The Night Stalkers also notice a vampire sign above the door and muse over why Dominik would make such a sign if he was hiding.

While the Night Stalkers plan on the best route of attack, Rosa is adamant that the group should leave. Jess ignores her however, preparing to enter.

Meanwhile, Bernie is shown approaching Joe (who is hitting himself with a piece of card). When Bernie asks why he's doing it, Joe explains that he can't feel a thing. Bernie then explains that the group is to head out and intercept the machine army soon, once Samuel is done resting.

Joe agrees to go with them, explaining that while he doesn't care for the colony he is still after the rest of his powers. Bernie then states that he has an hour.


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