Home Alone
Chapter 6, Scene 13
Released: 05/02/2012
Not-so-warm Welcome
Ms. Pink Lace

Home Alone is the thirteenth scene of Chapter Six.


While returning an unconscious Rosa to New Hammerston Jess and Bernie discuss Joe, wondering how he's coping.

Meanwhile in New Hammerston Joe is partying in his underwear, though is annoyed by a lack of a music player. Tricking Harry he manages to enter Jess' bedroom and leaves with some underwear on his head.

At the same time Aaron enters the room, along with Scrufflebeck. After getting dressed Joe decides to hit the town, offering to pay Aaron 100 credits for his service.

While heading out through the town Joe comes across Rusty, who asks him for some credits. Joe tells him to fuck off, though Rusty isn't too happy about this. Before anything can happen however Rusty notices Scrufflebeck, and Joe comments on why Rusty would know his dog.


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