Human Help
Chapter 7, Scene 21
Released: 30/07/12
Join the Dark Side
Long Way to Go

Human Help is the twenty-first scene of Chapter Seven.


Exploring Dominik's base, Harry and the Night Stalkers find no sign of any vampires. While looking away a zompire jumps out and heads for the group, though is speared from another room by Jess who is also talking to Rosa.

Rosa is still trying to get the group to leave, explaining that Dominik is after her. Jess tries to comfort her, saying that she won't let anything happen to her, but just as she finishes the holes which the group had made in the building (to let in sunlight) begin to be blacked out.

When the final hole is closed Dominik arrives. He explains that it was Doc who closed the holes (the old man promptly arriving and explaining that everything he is doing is for the greater good) and that if Jess were simply to leave he wouldn't bother her. Gunshots are also heard in the background.

Jess however refuses and prepares to fight Dominik.


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