It's Her
Chapter 8, Scene 15
Released: 05/02/13
Good Human, Bad Human‎
Under Attack

It's Her is the fifteenth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Harry advising the group to remove Gorb's feeler from Doc, though Rosa states that he is fine. Upon returning Doc insists that the group should begin work at once, though it is mentioned that something should be done about Jake and his soldiers. Rosa agrees to go and try and sort things out with them.

Heading upstairs Rosa awakens Jake. Though she tries to reason with him Jake will not listen, insisting that Rosa and her group are to be destroyed.

The scene then cuts to Aaron, Annika, Nathan and Nina travelling through town. While walking Scott is brought up, though the topic is quickly dropped.

On the other side of the street Joe and Bernie are shown walking. After a short while Joe crumples to the floor, with Victor seemingly agitated by Annika's presence.


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