Joe's Decision?
Chapter 7, Scene 17
Released: 30/06/12
Choose Wisely
No Surprise

Joe's Decision? is the seventeenth scene of Chapter Seven.


Still in the Dream World Samuel urges Joe to pick a second power.

Though Joe at first suggests Mind Crafting, Samuel tells him that they have no time for Joe to master it.

Thinking over things Joe then suggests his super strength, though Samuel once again dissuades him, instead suggesting that Joe take invulnerability.

Agreeing with Samuel, Joe takes Inner Joe's invulnerability and restorative abilities.

Returning to the real world, Samuel apologizes again to Joe who is still recovering. Waking up too, Bernie is wary of Samuel, though the latter insists his actions were necessary.

Going on, Samuel tells Joe to rest up, before asking Bernie about his mission and how best to deal with the machine threat.


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