Joe’s Focus
Chapter 7, Scene 33
Released: 19/09/12
Scorched Earth
Not Even Sam Could Do This (summary)

Joe’s Focus is the thirty-third scene of Chapter Seven.


Still stuck in the ground, Joe watches as the machines approach. His weapon having failed, Bernie shouts at Joe to leave, though he appears to be stuck. As he tries to get out Scrufflebeck heads towards the machines. Worried about his pet, Joe unleashes a number of blocks which go onto destroy the machines.

Impressed, Bernie and Samuel head down to talk to Joe. Here Samuel explain that Joe seems able to harness his abilities to protect those he loves. While talking the talking plant arrives and urges the group back to the colony, stating that it will deal with the Mobile Manufacturing Plant. Though hesitant Bernie eventually agrees.

Meanwhile Greybane and Nick are shown to be travelling together, the latter struggling to keep up. Though they are about to stop they hear a human's scream, and Greybane insist they check it out.

Elsewhere Cross and Andrius are shown onboard the boat, preparing to head to Europe.


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