Join the Dark Side
Chapter 7, Scene 20
Released: 25/07/12
He’s Fine
Human Help

Join the Dark Side is the twentieth scene of Chapter Seven.


Inside the building, Jess, Harry and the Night Stalkers search for Doc and Dominik though can find no sign of the pair. While searching one of the Night Stalkers comments on how Doc's vehicle could have been a great boon to the colony and Jess agrees, though concedes that Doc does play a vital role in the colony.

Meanwhile in the Dream World, Dominik approaches Rosa. He attempts to have her join him, though she refuses. Noticing that Rosa is quite strong, Dominik asks her who turned her. Eventually Rosa tells him that it was Cross. Dominik is intrigued, noting that Rosa has not suffered the same afflictions as he has. He attempts to get her to come with him, threatening Jess' group if she doesn't. Though Rosa refuses Dominik orders his minions to attack and bring Rosa along anyway.


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