Just Friends
Chapter 6, Scene 23
Released: 10/03/2012
Not Rosa, Anymore

Just Friends is the twenty-third scene of Chapter Six.


After Bernie's abrupt departure, Rosa, Joe and Jess are left pondering the events caused by the machine device. During the conversation Inner Joe is brought up. Although Joe insists that his inner self is trapped, the other two are sceptical.

While talking Rosa mentions Bernie, causing Joe to become rather annoyed. Picking up on his jealousy (and annoyed at his actions) Rosa admits to having feelings for Bernie, this announcement causing Joe to leave the room. Fearing an apperance from Inner Joe, Jess quickly ushers Rosa out of the room, leaving Harry and Scrufflebeck to watch over Joe.

Meanwhile in the armoury, Bernie is informing Jake about the incoming Machine attack. He pauses however on whether or not to tell him about Rosa being a vampire.


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