Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
First Appearance Dragoons

Karen is a female human. A former resident of Limeridge she fled under unknown circumstances.


Chapter EightEdit

Karen is first shown next to her grandfather, Dwight, facing the Dragoons, led by Gwenn. The two argue over whether or not Karen stole supplies from the Dragoons, till Greybane shows up.

Though Greybane manages to chase off Gwenn, Dwight is shot in the process and Karen is understandably distraught. Upon Greybane's suggestion she heads off with him, Nick and an injured Dragoon. Settling in an abandoned house she explains some of her backstory to Greybane.

Later she is shown burying her grandfather, along with Greybane and Nick. After Greybane explains his plan she objects, eventually convincing him to take her along to face the Dragoons.

While heading to Limeridge the group stop off to let Greybane gather supplies. While Karen talks to Nick, the Dragoon makes off with their supplies. Upon Greybane's return the group agree to go to the port of Brookfield to scavenge more supplies.


Little has been shown of Karen. Though she appears to be a rather caring individual.


Karen's grandfather, Dwight, was shot by Gwenn. She also had a brother, who has gone missing.


Karen is just a normal human.

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