Gender Female
Race Vampire
Status Undead
First Appearance Not Him

Katherine is a female Vampire Elder. Centuries old she is an exile from the main vampire community.


Pre StoryEdit

In her youth Katherine was an aspiring Vampire Elder. At some point she came across Samuel and took him into the vampire society, where he taught them how to access the Dream World. During this time she fell in love with the human, though was also courted by Dominik and Andrius, though the two vampires merely wanted her in order to gain social status.

For whatever reason she appears to have been exiled from the main vampire society, along with two other companions.

Chapter FiveEdit

She makes several apperances in Chapter Five where she helps protect Bernie from zompires.


Despite being a vampire Katherine appears to have at least once been quite emotional, having loved Samuel (and subsequently ignored him after his rejection). In her few appearances she does seem to show some empathy too.


Little is known about Katherine's current relationships.


At one time she and Samuel were in love, despite her being a vampire and him a human. Following his rejection of her she went to totally ignoring him, even when he approached her centuries later.


Katherine can be assumed to have the standard strengths and weaknesses common to all vampires, though being an old Vampire Elder she is likely to be stronger than most normal vampires.

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