Long Way to Go
Chapter 7, Scene 22
Released: 04/08/12
Human Help
Beautiful Eyes

Long Way to Go is the twenty-second scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Joe, Bernie and Samuel heading out to meet the machine army. As they walk Bernie explains that the machines, being about efficiency, will most likely head along the route that they're taking.

Samuel also begins to explain about the machines' drive for perfection, though is interrupted by Bernie when a machine scout arrives. Though Bernie hides himself, Samuel and Joe face the scout, Samuel explaining that if Joe wants his powers back he'll need to destroy the machine.

Though Joe does manage to take out the machine, Samuel tells him that it was actually Inner Joe who was still in control. He continues that facing the machine army will hopefully help Joe further.

Meanwhile Scrufflebeck is shown following the path taken by Bernie's group, though he is distracted by a series of spikes.


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