A machine

Machines are a type of monster. They live in distinctive cities and are lead by a hive mind.

As with most other monsters, Machines first appeared after The Pocalypse.

Unlike most of the other creatures, the Machines are organised into a specialised system, with each unit designated a specific role; Ranging from basic scouting assignments to extreme purposes, such as the Mobile Manufacturing Plant.

While it appears that they don't have a hatred for the other species, Machines do have the tendacy to abduct liable subjects for their experiments unless they are searching for a specific entity. They also have an understanding in diplomacy and strategy; Having enlisted Samuel as an asset and suberting Smyth as their spy.

Machines are feared by other races, especially vampires but Plants hate them the most.

Abilities Edit

Machines have a high degree of technology in their arsenal and are regarded as a serious threat should they launch an assault on their adversaries. Even their most basic scouts pose as a danger to anyone spotted.

Most of their units are armed with lasers and missiles which can vary in size, with their biggest with the scale of a strategic grade.

While heavily armed and armored, Machines are vulnerable to plants, who can destroy them with spikes.

They also have the ability to turn humans into cyborgs, as evidenced in Infiltrator when Smyth was turned into one.

Notable Machines:Edit

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