Machine City

The front gate to the Machine Gate, with Smyth being released on his scouting assignment.

A Machine City is an area colonized by Machines. There is one to the South of New Hammerston.

Heavily protected, Machine Citys are avoided by all of the other races, with their walls high as skyscrapers and dotted with, what looked to be, powerful laser turrets.

Inside is a large facility composing of factories, adminstration centers, detention and containment facilities and their many labs to conduct experiments on chosen subjects. The streets are also oftenly patrolled by machine units.

While heavily defended, their strength can also be their weaknesses as a well-placed EMP blast can bring the entire fortification into a blackout, making their assets vulnerable to hostile agents.

In Chapter Five Greybane and Bug are transported to a Machine City where they were experimented on.

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