Machine Dreamer
Chapter 6, Scene 21
Released: 04/03/2012
Bad Timing

Machine Dreamer is the twenty-first scene of Chapter Six.


Following the activation of the machine device Rosa, Joe and Bernie have been knocked unconscious. Although wary of the device, Jess (who is still conscious) tells Harry not to disable it, for the moment.

Meanwhile in a mechanical landscape, Rosa, Joe and Bernie are shown. A robotic voice analyses each of the characters (noting that Bernie could potentially be a Torres and that Joe is a high priority target).

Waking up, Bernie is questioned by the voice as to who his father is. Refusing to answer, a Mediator appears and agrees to answer Bernie's questions. The Mediator explains that its purpose is to link biological minds with machines. Following this Bernie reveals that his father is Bernard Torres, as well as asking where he is. The Mediator replies that he is safe, then asks as to the location of Bernie's dad.

Bernie replies that he doesn't know, and after analysing it, the Mediator takes it as truth. Bernie then asks where they are, the Mediator replying that they are in its "mind" where it brought them to detect the high mental capacity which it detected.

After this the Mediator asks about the location of Samuel's brain, though Bernie again responds that he doesn't know. The Mediator then asks about their location in the physical world. Although Bernie responds that he can't say (or risk having the Mediator's army arriving) Inner Joe wakes up at that moment and reveals that they are in New Hammerston. As Bernie tries to handle the situation Inner Joe materializes fully, still in his cage however.


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