Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
First Appearance God's Punishment

Margaret is a female human. She is the wife of Oscar and the mother of Phillip and Luke.


Chapter SevenEdit

Introduced in God's Punishment Margaret is first shown setting the table as Oscar and Phillip return. Sitting down she says grace and following Oscar and Phillip's argument she tries to calm things down.

Upon the arrival of the undead she is told to take Luke upstairs.

She is later present at Darren's funeral.

Margaret is next shown preparing to leave. Talking to Phillip and Oscar she learns of her son's "dream".

Chapter EightEdit

She is shown with the rest of her family setting off from Hammerston Harbour. She is excited by the prospect of visiting Europe.


Margaret seems to be a rather calm, fair individual.


Margaret seems to get on with her family, even Oscar.


Margaret has no notable abilities.

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