Ms. Pink Lace
Chapter 6, Scene 14
Released: 10/02/2012
Home Alone
Trapped in the Colony

Ms. Pink Lace is the fourteenth scene of Chapter Six.


Jess and Bernie, upon returning Rosa to their former apartment, discover that Joe has gone, and rifled through Jess' bedroom at the same time. Enraged at this Jess heads out to confront him, while Bernie remains at the apartment with a still unconscious Rosa.

In town Rusty, Joe and Aaron are shown sat around a table, discussing Bernie and Jess. Aaron, confused as to why Jess and Bernie would give Joe their apartment, asks Joe a number of questions, tiring of this Joe heads off, followed by Aaron. Rusty is meanwhile left wondering who is going to pay the bill.

While shopping, Jess finds Joe. Although Joe tries to explain himself Jess is simply to angry, eventually forcing Joe back to the apartment.


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