The first appearance of the mutants.

Mutants are a type of monster. Relatively little is known about them.

Mutants appear to be very strong, more so than Vampires, and have little to some intelligence. They tend to exhibit brute force than logical thinking though some prove themselves to be the alpha males and lead groups of lesser ones in raiding parties.

Some are also capable of carrying weaponry, such as Bug and one seen carrying a minigun in Strong Minds, though they may be possessed by those with powerful telekinectic minds.

While zombies, humans and vampires leak red blood, mutants have been spectated to bleed purple blood.

Types Edit

  • Mutant: The average mutant possess super human strength and tougher hides but lack intelligence.
  • Mutant Dog: These were seen later on. These canines are often used as the mutants' attack dogs as well as their pets. They would be faster and more agile than even vampires.
  • Alpha Male: These would refer to those who are capable of speech, can carry weapons and lead lesser mutants. Known examples include Bug.

Notable Mutants:Edit

  • Bug
  • Greybane