No Surprise
Chapter 7, Scene 18
Released: 07/07/2012
Joe's Decision?‎
He’s Fine

No Surprise is the eighteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


Standing next to a boat, Phillip and Oscar discuss their future. While Phillip is still convinced that Europe is the correct destination Oscar is still undecided, stating that he will wait for his wife's opinion on matters.

Arriving shortly, Margaret talks to the pair. When talking about his "dream" Phillip almost lets slip about him and his father's close encounter, though Oscar stops him at the last moment.

The scene then blacks out, showing Cross and Andrius discussing their plans. While Cross is impatient to go, Andrius tells him to wait. The pair plan to sneak on-board the ship later that night.

Elsewhere Doc is shown with Dominik finishing up their new lab. Explaining that he needs to rest, Dominik also states that his minions will watch over Doc. Just as he is about to leave, the zompire also mentions that he is aware of a group of people from New Hammerston headed his way. Though Doc is apathetic to their cause, Dominik is amused, stating that it will be interesting to see how Doc feels when he is slaughtering them.


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