Off We Go
Chapter 8, Scene 9
Released: 13/12/12
The Brownjackets‎
Destination: Brookfield

Off We Go is the ninth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene opens with Rosa, Smyth and Harry. Smyth is begging for his life to be ended, and while Harry is about to comply with his wish Rosa halts him. She says that she can console him and asks Harry to leave.

After Harry leaves Rosa attempts to convince Smyth to join her, talking of the power which he could gain. Smyth wants none of it however and breaks out of the window.

Meanwhile Joe and Bernie are headed back to the colony. Bernie is explaining to Joe about his powers and about how Annika may be at the colony. As they walk Smyth suddenly appears running at them, Bernie shoots him before Rosa arrives.

Rosa then explains that she can control Smyth and Bernie agrees to returning to the others.

Back in the room Doc is talking to Samuel, explaining how pleased his is to be working with so strong a mutant. While one of the Night Stalkers is cautious Doc talks of how with Glorb, Samuel and Rosa on board the colony has never been stronger. Bernie then arrives and explains that they're leaving.

The group then prepare to leave. While setting off Aaron mentions Annika, much to Joe's fury.


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