Oh... You
Chapter 8, Scene 2
Released: 16/10/12
Breakfast With Jake

Oh... You is the second scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene begins with Doc, Harry, Rosa, an unconscious Jess and the Night Stalkers resting in an abandoned building. Following an analysis by Harry it is revealed that Smyth (who was injured by zompires previously) will not be able to survive.

At this comment one of the Night Stalkers blames it all upon Doc, though Doc replies as ever that he is doing it for the greater good.

As the pair argue Rosa cuts in, suggesting that she could turn the injured man. Though Doc is interested in the proposal, the Night Stalker is not, storming out. Just as they are about to try turning the man however, Harry detects a number of others inside the building, including a mutant and a plant. Rosa senses that it's Joe and claims that they don't appear to be in any danger, though the Night Stalkers head out to check.

In another building Joe, Bernie, Samuel, Scrufflebeck and the intelligent plant are resting up. The group consider naming the intelligent plant, though at this point the Night Stalkers burst in.

Bernie is quick to prevent them firing and, meeting Rosa outside, insits on being taken to Jess.


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