One Last Scavenge
Chapter 7, Scene 5
Released: 10/05/2012
What If He's Right?
A Familiar... Face?

One Last Scavenge is the fifth scene of Chapter Five.


The scene opens with Oscar and Phillip setting out for one last scavenging run. Although Candice and Margaret are rather worried by the idea of the two heading out, Oscar is adamant that before setting out for the North they should obtain some binoculars.

Setting out the two begin to search abandoned buildings. After entering a building the pair split up and Phillip is left on his own in a room. Looking around he notices an object from his visit to the Dream World. He first refuses to look into it, but changes his mind and heads to it.

The scene then cuts to Bernie's group, who are shown to be asleep. From her cage Rosa calls out to Joe, trying to wake him up. After Joe eventually stirs Rosa attempts to make up with him, explaining that while her comments were rather harsh Joe had come on strongly.

Joe however ignores her and just leaves the room.


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