Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
First Appearance God's Punishment

Phillip is a male human. The son of Margaret and Oscar, he is also the brother of Luke.


Chapter SevenEdit

Introduced in God's Punishment, Phillip is first shown fishing. After talking to his father, the pair head inside where they settle down to eat. After refusing to say grace, however, Phillip argues with his dad, before leaving the room.

Later, following Darren's return, he is shown holding off the zombies along with his father. Once safe he is insistent of removing Darren's body, though the rest of the group are less keen straight away.

He is present for Darren's funeral. Later, he has a small talk with Candice, before she heads off. Following this, Andrius talks to him mentally. Though Phillip remains skeptical of Andrius (who talks to him as a godly figure) he is taken into the Dream World to a scene of paradise. Here Andrius approaches him in person (though disguised as a heavenly figure). Phillip remains skeptical, however, and runs away. Andrius continues his illusions and Phillip seems to wake up being convinced not to head to the North.

Following this he sets out with his father to obtain some binoculars. While searching an abandoned house he discovers a pair, though his father alerts him to there being zombies nearby. While the two hold off for a while, they are eventually overrun (though saved from death by Andrius).

Returning from their scavenging, Phillip mentions to his father about "god" and how he warned them not to head North, though his father isn't fully convinced.

Chapter EightEdit

He is with the rest of his family when they set off from Hammer Harbour. He is thankful to his father when he announces that they are to head to Europe, after first going to Brookfield.


Phillip seems to have a rather rebellious nature.


While he seems to get on mostly well with his family, Phillip does argue with his father.


Phillip has no notable abilities, though he can handle a gun.

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