Project Sixteen was a secret project by Bernard Senior and Samuel designed to provide a force to defeat Dominik and his vampires.

Beginning with sixteen humans Bernard Senior attempted to make a number of shells from them (erasing their minds with a pathogen but leaving their bodies intact).

Of these initial sixteen, eleven managed to survive the pathogen. Following this Bernard Senior spent several years augmenting the bodies. While his initial work was relatively minor, by the eighth project he was creating significantly powerful figures.

  1. "Sally" - F
  2. "Jane" - F
  3. "Bob" - M
  4. "Elle" - F, lost one eye
  5. "Bertha" - F
  6. "Simon" - M
  7. "Ester" - F
  8. Joe "Sam Junior"/"Junior" - M
  9. "Rex" - M, lost
  10. "Larry" - M, lost
  11. "Victor" - M, purportedly lost

The final three shells however were seemingly lost, their minds being too strong for their bodies (Samuel even reckoning that the final one, Victor, would have been too strong for even him to control).

Following the completion of the project Bernard Senior left Samuel to return to his family (the pair would never meet again). Samuel too would be forced to leave the shells, being pursued by vampires (until his mind was eventually captured by the machines).

The fate of most of the shells is unknown, though somehow Joe appears to have taken over the eight shell (though Joe still has a clear memory of his life when growing up).

It is also suggested that the final shell, Victor, managed to survive somehow.

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