Chapter 7, Scene 2
Released: 24/04/2012
God's Punishment
Playing God

Rotters is the second scene of Chapter Seven.


The scene opens with Andrius talking to Cross. While Cross wishes to immediately go and wipe out the humans, Andrius tells him to have patience and that, rather than using physical action, the pair will use their minds to overcome the humans.

Meanwhile Oscar and Phillip are shown holding off a group of zombies, while a figure drags a body into their compound. When safely behind the bars Oscar asks the figure (who is revealed to be Candice) whether the other person is okay, though Candice merely replies that he was bitten.

Inside the group debate over how to save the man (who is revealed to be Darren). While Phillip states that it's already too late, the rest are reluctant to dispose of his body just yet.

Eventually however even Oscar states that they must remove Darren's body, though Candice refuses, promptly running out of the room.

The scene then cuts outside, where the group is shown by the water side. Saying a prayer, Oscar then pushes Darren's body into the water.

Later, Phillip is shown sitting by the water side. Candice comes and sits by him. The two talk, and Candice apologies for her actions earlier. She then heads off, leaving the young man by himself.

Still idling by the water side, Phillip hears a voice call out in his mind.


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