Scorched Earth
Chapter 7, Scene 32
Released: 11/09/12
Trust. Help.
Joe’s Focus

Scorched Earth is the thirty-second scene of Chapter Seven.


On the roof of a building, Bernie explains to Samuel about the plants. Though Samuel is wary Bernie explains that they have no choice, else the colony would have been in ruins already. Samuel concedes, he comments that he could still try talking to the machines, though Bernie replies that the Mobile Manufacturing Plant has to be destroyed first.

As the two talk the machine vanguard arrives. Heading towards them, the machines begin to irradiate the ground covered by the plants. As they progress a number of smaller plants attack (much to Bernie's annoyance), though are easily dealt with.

As the machines halt, Bernie takes a shot at them, though the machines seemingly deactivate his missile. At this moment Scrufflebeck and Joe emerge from where they were hiding underground.


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