Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
First Appearance Secret Stays With Me

Scott is a male human. Along with his father, Gregory, he helped his father to run a blood farm for a group of vampires. He has since been taken to New Hammerston.


Pre StoryEdit

After The Pocalypse had wiped out much of mankind Scott and his dad at first managed to survive, however were brought close to the point of death when their crops began to fail.

At this point they were approached by a Vampire Elder who gave them food and an EMP weapon, which allowed Gregory to utilise several machines for farming.

While things seemed to be going well the vampires later approached Scott and Gregory and asked them to farm blood for them. When the pair refused they were tortured into submission.

Chapter FourEdit

Scott is introduced in Secret Stays With Me where he and his dad help Bernie's group. Following Gregory's drugging of the group, he moves their bodies into a side room, away from his dad.

He later tells Bernie about the nature of the blood farms, before accompanying the group to New Hammerston where he is placed in jail.

Chapter FiveEdit

Upon hearing that there is an elder within the colony Scott begs to be released from jail, though is ignored by Bernie.

Chapter SixEdit

In Scars he is informed by Bernie that he is up for release. After Bernie frees him from his cage he attacks him, though is easily rebuked. He then reveals to Bernie the scars the vampires inflicted upon him, in an attempt to justify his father's actions.

Chapter EightEdit

In Breakfast With Jake Scott joins Jake in heading to Mack's, where he meets Annika, Rusty and Nathan.


Scott is quiet and quite reserved. He doesn't smile much or make any attempts at conversation.


Scott has no real relationships outside of his father.


Although Gregory was insane Scott still cared for him, being angry at Bernie following his execution.


Scott has no notable abilities.

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