Stubborn Ass
Chapter 8, Scene 12
Released: 08/01/12
Trusting Bernies
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Stubborn Ass is the twelfth scene of Chapter Eight.


The scene continues from where the last scene left off: Jake is facing off the returning group, still threatening to shoot the "monsters". Though Doc and Bernie try to persuade him otherwise he is resolute. Moving Joe and Harry to one side Jake attempts to move Scrufflebeck also, though the Plant has other plans.

Jake begins a countdown, though is mentally approached by Rosa during it. At the last moment Rosa transports him to the Dream World, though not before Jake shoots Scrufflebeck.

In the Dream World Rosa tries to convince Jake that she and the others mean no harm to the colony, though Jake ignores her completely.

Returning to the real world Rosa knocks out all of the soldiers, and Jake. Bernie then rushes over to an injured Scrufflebeck.


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