The Brownjackets
Chapter 8, Scene 8
Released: 05/12/12
Off We Go

The Brownjackets is the eight scene of Chapter Eight.


Following the vampire, Joe is brought to an abandoned car. As Bernie follows him he calls out for the vampire to reveal himself. The vampire dutifully does so and reveals itself to be part of the Fourth Street Brownjackets, a vampire gang.

Though it threatens Bernie if he tries anything, Bernie shoots him regardless. This leads to several other vampires arriving, all but one of whom are disposed of by Bernie. Shocked by his suit, one last vampire attempts to bite Joe, though breaks his teeth, he is then finished by Bernie.

Worried by Bernie's power Joe agrees to go with him, though Bernie mentions he could do him no harm anyway. As they talk Bernie describes Annika and Joe seems to recognise her as his sister. They agree to head back to the colony.

Meanwhile Smyth, Rosa and Harry are shown. Smyth has woken up following his transformation but is in a bad state. He begs Rosa just to end his life and Harry agrees.


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