The Hard Way
Chapter 7, Scene 15
Released: 22/06/12
The Immortal Brain, Part Four
Choose Wisely

The Hard Way is the fifteenth scene of Chapter Seven.


After being woken up by Harry, Jess discovers a message left to her by Bernie. In the message he explains that he's gone after Joe. As she finishes with the message Rosa contacts Jess and tells her about the falling out with Joe. Jess replies that none of it is Rosa's fault, then goes to explain things to the Night Stalkers.

Having suited up, Jess leaves Scrufflebeck to wait for Joe.

Meanwhile in the Dream World Samuel, still in Bug's body, meets with Joe. Pleased that Joe can still access it, Samuel then asks about Inner Joe, who promptly arrives (who is still trapped).

Talking to Inner Joe, Samuel reveals that he is in fact Victor (the eleventh shell of Project Sixteen who was believed to have died following augmentation).

Turning his attention back to Joe, Samuel explains that it is Inner Joe who is holding back his powers. After warning Joe that he'll be hurt, Samuel then proceeds to spear him.

In the real world Bernie is shocked to see Samuel's actions.


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